Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful Bag

I have to share something with you. It's something that was handmade for me by a dear friend for my birthday.
A darling bag, with fabrics picked out at a local Duluth shop and crafted to fit my needs for a personal tote, complete with divided areas to keep knitting, planner, camera, phone, wallet, book, and any other oddities I would stick in there separate from the other (specifically splitting up the knitting and the wallet- the zippers on the wallet triumphed in a battle with the knitting, resulting in re-tying of broken pulled bits of knitting and swearing by me). I'm lucky enough to have a trip planned with this friend in a couple of days to this fabric shop, where I'm sure I'll discover inspiration abound.
First I have to get through a full double-shift day at both jobs. Good motivation to stay excited though, eh? :)My flowers are in full bloom and kept me company while I spent my late afternoon catching up on work and correspondences (all of the latter with my Grandma's old typewriter, of course!). I've loved watching them bloom the last couple of days. They make me want to have live flowers around more often.
Time to have a small bite of Italian chocolate before bed... mmmm... :)

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