Friday, June 11, 2010

Rainy Summer Fun

I'm trying to stay nice and cheerful as the rain pours down all this week, and luckily I've had help along the way.A quick trip to the Co-op meant fresh raspberries for a lunch treat yesterday! Raspberries are my absolute favorite berry, and raspberries on sale are something I can never deny. :)Cheryl and I also got together to pull out our tap shoes for the first time in over a year. We worked hard for awhile on basics, warming our muscles back up so we can hopefully make a weekly thing out of it... perhaps resulting in a cute little choreographed number by the end of the summer!I got to oogle her newest project during coffee- a beautiful little bag she sewed up with material from a local shop. I sense an undiscovered gem that I will be spending oodles of paychecks at... :)
She also snuck a present in with some books I'm borrowing this morning- cute stitch markers with sayings on them, like "INC" and "START" to keep track of my knitting! When stopping at Yarn Harbor today I also picked up some pretty violet cotton yarn to make another baby/toddler hat, which helps counter the gloominess outside.
This weekend- time with friends and family, seeing a beautiful lady in a show, and hopefully getting farther on the Vivian cardigan. ;)
Stay dry, everyone!

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