Sunday, June 27, 2010


My birthday was a ton of fun, with food, friends, and goodness all around!
I got three different types of birthday cake- my climbing boys got me a coldstone Chocolate and Ice Cream cake on Thursday night while I worked, which was delicious and chocolaty!Friday morning at work I was greeted with some very special cupcakes from Terry, one of my fellow B&N co-workers. She made cupcakes that looked like 'golden' balls of yarn, complete with knitting needles made from pretzels and caramel drops covered in white chocolate- yum! They were accompanied by the staff singing "Happy Birthday" to me over the loudspeakers- huzzah!
Fresh from Europe, Tyler's Mom made me her famous raspberry-cream filled cake, decorated with ballet slippers and a book. Her cake definitely tops my tastiest cakes list- the filling is light and heavenly. It was delivered by Tyler's sisters, who also brought me flowers and Italian chocolate!
It was a fantastic birthday, and I'll show you some of the special things I got later- I'll just give you a quick teaser- Cheryl definitely went above and beyond, and I got not just one but two homemade things!
At the end of the day, when the weather turned to crap, my friends and I made a "best of" food tour of Duluth- we started with artichoke dip at Pizza Luce, lefse at Tak for Maten, then rounded it off with burritos and guac from Burrito Union. I was in a food coma by about 9:30, and it was delicious. :)
Down in the cities at my parent's house through today to hang out, then back up to Duluth tonight to relax and enjoy my pretty flowers. It was a pretty awesome birthday. :)

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Cole said...

Three cakes!? I am so jealous! What a birthday :)