Monday, June 14, 2010

Lovely Ladies

I had a nice couple of days in the cities, seeing friends and getting some much-needed relaxing time. I got to see my lovely friend Larissa be beautiful in "Father of the Bride" at the Lyric Arts Theater in Anoka (great theater!), as well as hang out with some of my oldest friends S and H for a light lunch in uptown, before wandering for shopping and gossiping. Last night, I was able to help H make some first steps into knitting!
I taught her a cast on, as well as knitting and purling so she could begin to make the Turn a Square hat in one color. I figured it would be easier to make that than a scarf, since it wouldn't take nearly as long to finish. After some practice stitches and discussing the "Happy Triangle" as your base place for your fingers to be before the stitch, she did the "Loop, Schwoop and pull" method, and 96 stitches later was happy to finally start the project.
Meanwhile, I started another Upside-Down Daisy hat for lil' Miss Lucy, who is now over a year old and is still holding on to the elephant I made her before she was born. Her mom has been putting up adorable pictures of her in these cute dresses with flowers, and I figured she needed a little hat to go along with them. Watching Wall Street last night with my Mom helped the hat be over halfway done, so this project should go nice and fast.
I have a couple of afternoons and nights off later this week, so I'm hoping the weather will (finally!) cooperate so I can climb outside. Two days without climbing this weekend feels a little odd, and I'm excited to climb a little tonight with my buddy R before swing dancing the night away... :)

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