Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bright Stuff

I've been spending the last few days home helping someone get organized for a big long trip overseas:Tyler's going to be in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, and France for just over five weeks. He's going to be climbing in Chamonix, France, which of course makes me really happy for him but also really jealous that I'm not going too. It only hardens my resolve to get overseas again soon, or at least on an extended climbing trip.Speaking of climbing, if you look closely at my gear, you'll see that something has been added... look carefully in back... it's skinny and doesn't weigh much at all...I ordered the new Black Diamond Aura harness awhile back, and it finally came in! It's bright and weighs close to nothing, and I absolutely love it. It's made specifically for hard sport, though the two gear loops are big enough to probably hold a small trad rack. Yay, no more big wall harness! I also added a .4 cam and a couple of locking caribeaners. Hopefully I can get out Monday to Palisade to use some.
Climbing last Monday was fantastic- the weather was perfect, and I got to work a bunch of routes, including Gun Fight (1 fall!). I'll be going back to work Mr. Lean later- a small accident with a knife while washing dishes rendered one of my finger pads very cut, bloody and unhappy, so I may have to take a break from crimpy climbing for a little bit. Hoping for fast healing.
I've also gotten quite far on my bright summer scarf, mostly from a random ten or fifteen minutes of down time all over the place. I love the way the color is turning out- zig zagging all over the place! I'll have more time to work with the Vivian this weekend- I'm gearing for 4 inches of back by Sunday night (we'll see if that happens...), and if it's quiet at VE this weekend that goal is very likely.
Until later, happy climbing and speedy knitting. ;)

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