Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Check and check

After having a fantastic time catching up with this pretty lady on Monday:I came back to Duluth ready to tackle my giant to-do list waiting at home. This included lots of reading to catch up on for writing syllabus and a lesson plan, going over research papers to see what lacked and what worked, and cleaning a supremely messy room. I got a good chunk of stuff done, and with tomorrow afternoon off plus a thunderstorm in the forecast hopefully I can finish a good portion of what I need to finish very soon.
I managed to fit watching the well-done but depressing movie North Face while the rain poured down yesterday afternoon, and despite reading subtitles (the movie was in German) I finished the main part of Lucy's hat. I'm going to finish the petals at work tonight really fast and get back to the Vivian, especially since receiving a slight reprimand from my KAL partner. :) Sorry Cheryl- I'm back on track now!!
Climbed hard for a bit at the gym yesterday, including working the mean finger crack. This rain-everyday thing has to stop- I'm starting to get cabin fever from climbing inside so much. The worst part is, even if it stops for an afternoon or day, it'll still be soaking wet everywhere.
Is it too much to ask for to get dry climbing?
I suppose that's Duluth. :)

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KirstieRN said...

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