Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flowers from the Rain

It rained pretty much every single day this week, which worked okay for working extra hours but not okay for trying to get out bouldering around town. Almost seems like it'll be ages before it's dry enough to throw a bouldering pad down. To counter, I've been training in the gym as much as possible to be ready for my next trip up the shore, and when there's been a break in the rain (like last night) I went out slacklining instead in Leif Erikson Park. In other notes, I finished a hat for a lovely little lady!This is the third Upside-Down Daisy hat that I've made, and this one knit up in literally record time. It fared well as my "mindless knitting" with endless stockinette, though it did take me away from my KAL (which I'm working on ONLY from here on out, due to my scolding). I used some great cotton yarn that won't be scratchy for her, and easy to wash for Mom. Lucy seemed to be okay with it- she pulled on the petals a little bit, but didn't just take it off and throw it like most 15-month olds. Well behaved little lady, that one is. :) She even posed for a picture when I wanted one!
I'm off to walk down to work super early today- it's Grandma's Marathon up here in Duluth, which is a lot of fun for runners and their families, but a small headache for locals. Parking is atrocious, and there's thousands of people crammed into Canal Park. Not quite sure how I'm going to get down to VE today... that should be interesting. We'll either be slammin' busy or completely dead is my guess.
Guess I'll have to go and see...

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