Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Little Victory

Just a quick update before I rush off to work on my to-do list!
Monday was fantastic for climbing- barely 70 degrees, with the sun keeping you warm on top of the rock but cool enough in the shade to work hard while climbing. After some warm-up climbs, I was able to work Mr. Lean- and got up the entire thing with only one fall! I got passed the cruxy finger crack in the middle of the climb, and only fell because I got pumped while searching for a hand jam- which was hiding a couple of feet above my head. Next time I go out, I plan on getting it clean for sure! That will then be the hardest climb I've gotten clean yet when I finally achieve it- a 5.11d, huzzah!
High on the success and with some time to shake out my arms, I jumped on Hidden Treasure next- a 5.11b that for the life of me I haven't ticked off clean yet. Luck and positive thinking were with me as I finally got passed the section that always stumped me, and climbed over the lip of the cliff, victorious with no falls! It feels so good to finally believe that I'm advancing in my climbing ability, at least a little bit.
I took yesterday off to rest, baking brownies and watching "Lilo and Stitch" to relax while I heard the rain pour down all day. Tonight after work I plan on doing some harder laps on climbs to keep my fingers in shape and endurance up. It's going to be a great summer for hard climbing, I can feel it.
Come August, when I head to Thunder Bay to help with some first ascents, I'll be excited to tackle anything. Maybe even a 5.12...? :)

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