Tuesday, November 3, 2015

FO: Winter Winds Mittens

October blurred by in a mix of school, dance, climbing trips, reading, knitting, and rearranging my room and life around a bit.

Oh, and Halloween happened too. :)
Remember before, when I said I might have said "yes" to too many things this year?  I'm keeping my head above water, but some days are better or harder than others.  I'm learning to squeeze every last minute of the day, whether I'm waking up earlier to get to morning yoga (yoga and climbing have become my "me" destressing times) or staying up a little later to get either grading or knitting done.
We only have two months until Christmas, after all...
I have been trying to do more knitting for myself this year, and I finished my Winter Winds mittens just this last weekend!  I'm really excited- this is the first of part of a 3-piece matching knitted set I'm making for this winter!

Pattern: Striped Mittens according to Badagekk by Lena Gjerald (link goes to Ravelry page)
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock (Superwash Merino Wool) in Dewberry
Needles: Bamboo size 1 DPN's (love my bamboo needles)

Timeframe: October 14-25
Mods: None, really. I modified them from the first time I knit them; originally I made the cuff much shorter, but I did it as written this time.  It'll be nice to have them tucked under my coat against snow and wind.
Worst Part: None.  These knit up like a breeze.  I feel like I'm getting faster.
Best Part: Awesome and warm mittens.  :)  'Nuff said!

In between all the craziness, I did manage to find time for a little Halloween fun!
The kittens were in their Halloween best:

(Albert sticking his tongue out at the prospect of another Halloween costume)

(Maeby just rolled around in her attempts to get the costume off)
And I even managed to find time to carve a pumpkin, even if it was the night before Halloween.

My roommate Alex and I watched the obligatory The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Addams Family as we crafted and carved and drank hot apple cider squeezed fresh the weekend before!
I'm pretty happy with how my pumpkin turned out, and I feel like it captures the craziness and madness of my life right now.  :)

As the Cheshire Cat likes to say,
"We're all a little mad here... You must be, or you wouldn't have come here."