Friday, December 30, 2016

Finishing 2016 with a Resolution.

At the beginning of this school year, I was intent on NOT over-committing myself, which I have a penchant to do.  This fall, I originally had a good balance between my college class teaching load and my dance teaching load.
And then my college asked me to do 2 more classes.
I then had a full load at my college, which is 15 credits, or 5 classes.  When you're a writing/English teacher, that means I have a TON of papers to grade on top of lesson planning, professional development, daily grading, and meetings. 
Add on to that my 4 competition tap dance lines, 4 musical theater duets, and 1 musical theater solo, and I was suddenly overbooked.
When I say overbooked, I mean that I had time for school, dance, boyfriend on the weekends, and once in awhile I could meet up with friends while saying the "Wow, it's been forever since we've hung out- we should do this more!" before not seeing them for another month or two.
I barely got to climb, I didn't really make time for working out, and forget doing too much reading for fun or knitting.  
Don't get me wrong- I'm incredibly blessed that I keep getting classes at my college.  I love teaching dance, and often times when I'm having a rough week, coming in to dance class with those incredible kids is the best spirit-lifter I could ask for.
But I think, in 2017, I need to slow down a little.  I need to say "no" to obligations.  I need to seriously make space in my schedule, for myself, for friends, for climbing, and for even relaxing.  Space to do those things is so important, and I can tell after fall semester that I was getting seriously burnt out.  
I have 4 classes this spring, but I have space in my schedule to take time for myself.  
Choreographing is close to done for dance, so that will allow me to use that space to actually take that time for myself. 
I'm going to do more.  Create more.  Relax more.  Climb more.  And stop working 60-hour work weeks.  Hopefully. ;)
I also plan on changing the blog up a little bit in the next few days at the start of 2017.  I've changed a bit since the creation of this blog, and while a lot about me has stayed the same, a little update and refresh is important.
2017 is going to be my year of awesome. :)
Stay tuned... ;)