Monday, June 28, 2010

Knitting Spot

You know how a lot of people have one perfect spot that they work for motivation, inspiration, and enjoyment? I'm pretty sure I found mine. Unfortunately, it's on my parent's back porch.
The unfortunate part is not that it's at my parent's house- I love visiting and hanging out there- it's that my parent's house is located 3 hours south and west of my home in Duluth. When I have hardcore knitting or projecting to do, I can't just pick up everything, do the 6 hour round trip just to figure out a section that I need peace time with. It'll be my luxury spot, to be enjoyed very occasionally but appreciated even more when I get to be there.This weekend, it inspired me to go full steam ahead on my Vivian sweater.
It was hard not to love sitting out there, watching the weather move in and out with the lake right in front of me. The 3 seasons porch sticking out overhead kept the rain off me, and I enjoyed a light breeze off the lake all evening and morning.It's secluded enough to feel snug, and open enough that I can still enjoy being outside.
Needless to say, I got a lot done on the cardigan. I got even more done as a passenger on the ride back to Duluth, and I'm happily over halfway done with the body. Time at work today will hopefully amp that to over 3/4 done.
Snuggled inside the knitting, I have gorgeous brand new stitch-markers- a birthday gift from Cheryl!I'm not sure if they're bought or if she handmade them (my guess is the latter) but they have STARS on them and they fit beautifully over my size 8 needles- exactly what I needed.
Now that my batteries are re-charged and ready to go from a weekend relaxing at home, it's full steam ahead on my very long to-do list for the week.
It's it silly to say I'm excited?

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red said...

Those would be handmade by Sweetie (although I picked out the stars)