Friday, July 2, 2010

Out and About

It's getting downright dangerous for Cheryl and I to hang out. For instance, we went to a beautiful little fabric store in Lakeside of Duluth, where I fell promptly in love with everything she was selling. I may have picked up some fabric to make light cotton pajama pants with, and obviously was influenced because when we later stopped at Hancock Fabrics, not only did I grab a pattern for the pants, but also a few other patterns for cute things from prints I saw in the store...
Oops. Guess I'll be eating cereal for awhile, which of course I'm very okay with.
Today was fantastic- after working all morning, I got to head up the shore to Palisade to enjoy the beautiful weather and get a bunch of climbing in. Today was a day for crack climbing- warmed up as always on Phantom Crack, headed from there to Bluebells before battling the finger crack of Mr. Lean again. Accidentally sliced open the pad of my right index finger near the bottom- luckily I left my chalk bag on my harness and at one of the rests shoved chalk inside this deep cut that wouldn't stop bleeding. It threw my rhythm and I didn't get the route clean, but once I bandaged my finger enough that it sort of stopped, my climbing buddy and I ran up Urge to Mate before one last lap on Phantom (he had a rough time the first time and wanted to go back- I wasn't going to argue). Got to meet up with an old high school friend to climb during the last part of the day, too. It was a little weird for both of us- back then I was part of the academic and drama group, he was part of the skateboarding pot smokers, and here we both were- mutual outdoor enthusiasts. Really weird how the world works. :)
This weekend- finishing the body of the Vivian cardigan (really) during hang out time, fourth of July with friends, heal my finger so I can send Mr. Lean when I run up to Palisade Monday, then this week I'm finishing the curtains for Tyler before he gets back from Europe a week from tomorrow, and finishing a comfy pair of pretty little pants to sleep in for me.
Uff-da. I have a lot to do.
Good thing I like every single thing on that list. ;)
Not a bad couple of days, if you ask me.

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