Monday, June 7, 2010

Relaxing... or trying to...

It's been a rather long weekend.
Since Tyler left on Wednesday night, I've been working both jobs pretty much non-stop. I felt a little burned out on Saturday especially, since it was my second 13-hour work day in a row. After I was done at VE, I decided to relax and do some knitting at the Takk for Maten cafe right next to Pizza Luce.It has become one of my favorite relaxing and knitting spots. Relaxing, a couch in the corner to snuggle back on with a Mojito and lingonberry jelly on toast, I cruised through quite a bit on my Vivian cardigan. Once the pattern was established, it's been easy to know what to do for the cabling. I didn't get as far as I wanted, but I'm happy with the results right now. I'll be working on it more later this week wish a little more time off.
I biked off to home, feeling content and ready to take on Sunday, with only 8 hours at one job.
I got home, dumped my stuff on my bed, and opened my closet to grab a long sleeve shirt, and this is what greeted me:The bar holding my clothes decided to collapse.
It took a few tries of putting the bar back up, rehanging half my clothes before it collapsing again before I finally poured a glass of wine and got out the pliers. One jerry-rigged coat hanger rod holding the bar to the top shelf and lots of re-hanging of clothes later, my closet was finally cleared.
I felt that deserved a second glass of wine to celebrate. :)

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