Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Uh oh... Spaghettios

Whelp, even though there's a few days left in the Olympics, I'm pretty sure- scratch that, positive- that the Dale is not going to be finished.
I hate saying that, because I had lots of hopes for finishing the sweater, but several factors came into play this weekend that all but dashed my hopes under a skate blade, slicing them into a million tiny little pieces.
1- We were busy all weekend at VE. Correction- we were slamming busy at VE all weekend. I didn't sit down on Saturday, and Sunday found me on my feet scarfing down food entering waivers at 3 in the afternoon (well after lunch time). There was no way the Dale was happening.
2- I got a bit of a fever on Saturday morning, and then spent two straight days in the icebox that is the climbing gym which meant my fever just soared. Even though I was layered and bundled, it didn't help and I could barely function when done. I got a ton of sleep on Saturday night, woke up Sunday feeling a little better, but then all day in the cold Sunday shot my temp right back up again. Sunday night I watched the USA play Canada in hockey shivering from under a mountain of blankets before passing out before 9. Completely non-productive.3- I ate squid for the first time this weekend. Really has nothing to do with the Dale, but I wanted to get that in there. It was squishy, and the tentacles felt weird. 4- My parents came in town. They took me out to breakfast early before work on Sunday, so Sunday morning knitting time was kaput. I didn't want to risk coffee and syrup on the Dale. It was cool when they came in to VE later and tried out climbing, but again no knitting time.
5- Monday was homework day. I worked all day on my presentation for class the next day, and worked on my paper and studied for Midterms. I took one coffee break at 7 which turned into a Cub foods run since I had nothing but pasta by that point, so at least now I have food. This is the Dale as of right now. It's the first sleeve, and I'm not even done with the first set of increases yet. I'm still going to go at it with a vengeful look in my face, but I can feel the goal slipping out of my grasp.
Maybe this just wasn't my year.

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Mark said...

The most important thing is that the Dale was watching some of the Winter Olympics with you, which authenticates it's birth in life as a true Winter Olympics sweater. Given that it has Norwegian roots, if it was watching curling with you when the Norwegians were sporting their incredible curling pants, it may have gotten ideas on how to be mischevious, so beware!