Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ladies Attacking the Olympics

After doing a little girl-type shopping and getting important supplements, myself and the lovely Cheryl competed in our Olympic events.Cheryl's working on a beautiful sweater, and I'm pretty sure she'll easily accomplish the gold without too much sweat.I figured out where I left off on the Dale chart, had a little reconciliation and chat with the sweater to let it know what it was in for in the next couple of weeks, and got back on track in the chart.
We were able to enjoy some live music at B&N as we chatted and knit, and I'll probably need a few more group knits like this to help complete the sweater to keep my sanity and overall happiness. Afterward, I went to the closest place with high definition (and good-sized) TV to watch the Women's Moguls, Men's Luge, and Short Track Men's Speedskating to see USA get the gold in the Women's Moguls. I'm really enjoying watching the Olympics thus far, and have a feeling I'll be catching it as often as possible over the next couple of weeks!
Tomorrow- fresh snow on the ground, so skiing is of course on the schedule, but more knitting and watching Olympics as always (homework too, probably. Should be...). My only conundrum is whether to cheer for just USA or cheer for USA, Canada, and every Scandinavian country in my heritage.
Probably the latter. Just fyi. :)

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