Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tying Loose Ends

With the Ravelympics opening on Friday, I want to get my loose odds 'n ends knitting finished up so I have just the sweater to concentrate on- no side distractions allowed!
First to finish was the Amanda Hat for Molly.I originally used the skein leftover from a Thorpe hat I made for my friend Aurora, and then ran out of yarn to close the top of the hat. After trying and failing, I finally just ordered yarn from a shop online, knowing that whatever I didn't use for this hat I will inevitably use elsewhere.
I ended up really enjoying making this hat. It's super squishy and comfy, and I really hope that the recipient enjoys it (it's pink, so I'm sure she will). I did it on size 9 needles with Malabrigo Chunky yarn, colorway of Lovely Lady. Best part of making the hat- enjoying the end result. Worst part- watching the ball run out of yarn and knowing that I would have to hunt for more...
After making a bajillion Amanda hats for everyone else, I finally finished my own yesterday, and tried out today while going to and from class. After trying on Molly's with the Chunky malabrigo, mine feels a little... thin. I LOVE the colorway and the hat and the fit, but I think I'm going to have to line it at some point to give it a little added protection from the chilly winds off the lake.
Ah well, it happens.It was nice to get these finished and off the needles in time for the Olympics. I have one more bartering hat to get through fast, as well as fixing the thumb on my pair of mittens, but the end is well within reach. I am also going to take a hiatus from making the Amanda hat- after 5 of them, I need a break. :)
Tonight I'm working overnight at B&N for our inventory night, so I'm off to make a giant thermos of coffee before heading up to the mall till 5 am.
Yaaaay overnights...

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