Saturday, February 13, 2010

And it's Off!

Last night during work I finished one last hat for a barter...and got done too late to start my Olympic knitting, but today as soon as work was over:it's started!! :)
I talked to my Dad today about it, so it's fixed and done that I have to finish this beast. In reality, it seems simple- just finishing the colorwork on the top of the body, knitting the arms, steeking and attaching everything. Not tough, right?
Of course, I have both jobs and school and homework to work in, so we'll see how this Olympics go. I have nothing but high hopes!
Today- going between homework and knitting, then going out for a bit tonight.
Tomorrow I'm heading down to the cities for a Minnesota Wild Hockey game, so lots of car knitting time before an AWESOME hockey game! :)
Updates frequently, don't worry...
Good luck, knitters!!

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