Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's late, so this might be short.

1. How did it become the middle of February without telling me? Who's in charge of these things? Don't they realize that people have things to do without having the month creep by and suddenly whoosh be over halfway through?
Conspiracy, I tell you.

2. Motivation for the Dale was high... then sunk down again as reading assignments grew more numerous. Add to that the whole month-whooshing-by thing and it's starting to look dismal.

3. I biked today since it was finally warmer outside and it'll save me monies from parking. I forgot also that this means it's slushy and wet outside. My mud-soaked pants will not let me forget again.

4. I have tomorrow off after a meeting with a professor at noon.

5. I need to do laundry.

6. The place where I normally do laundry (for free) has access to watching the Olympics.

7. This place also has a coffee maker.

8. Conclusion- tomorrow I will be doing homework, laundry, knitting, drinking coffee, and watching the Olympics.
Tomorrow = awesome. :)

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