Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Set Backs

To start off on a good note, I'm proud to officially be a part of "Team Yarn Harbor", as stated by my snazzy button on my knitting bag (designed and created by Cheryl's DH). I was able to stop by Yarn Harbor today to pick up some needles for finally starting on the arms of the Dale, as the body is getting massive and awkward to carry around to class and such. I really wanted some Addi Turbo needles in a nice, small size, and got the 16'' circulars, thinking it would be okay.
I tried to cast on three times tonight as I watched Lindsey Vonn get her gold in downhill skiing, but to no avail. The 57 stitch cast on just wasn't enough to go around the 16'', so I'll have to find time between work either before class or after to bike to Yarn Harbor and get the 12'' so I can get on these sleeves.
I feel so much like I'm lagging in this Olympics, because I haven't had the tools and am having setback after setback in getting started in stuff and not having time. Granted, school does take priority (I'm not as committed as the athletes- I do have to pay attention to school, especially with a paper, a presentation, and a midterm next week!) but I'm determined to get this sweater finished this Olympics. Once I have the right size needles I know I'm going to cruise on the sleeves though, and leave working the body for when I'm watching the Olympics at home.
I can do this.
Every athlete has setbacks.
It'll be fine.
Bring it on tomorrow, sweater!!!

PS- Today was amazing for the American Olympians- HUZZAH!! I have to say though, I'm now a devoted follower and cheering section for the Norwegian Men's Curling Team. It may be a lot because of their pants. And the fact that they're from Norway. But a lot has to do with the pants.
PPS- I'm working tomorrow night while the Men's Figure Skating finals are on for the long program. You can believe I am not happy about that. Watch it for me? :)

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