Thursday, February 11, 2010

Night Before

It starts tomorrow.
I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about trying to conquer this mountain of a project. The Dale is sitting patiently... quietly... in the canvas bag in my living room, just waiting.
The thing that makes me nervous is that I'm not sure how this is going to end up. The Dale could be sweet and go perfectly since I've run into enough problems thus far, or it could utterly defeat me, leaving me in the middle of a mass of tiny stitches and needles whimpering and wondering what in the hell happened. It could play nice, or strike like a tiger when I least expect it.
I suppose that's the nature of the knitting Olympics, eh? :)
The nice surprise I found out today was that I'm not allowed to start knitting until 8 pm tomorrow night- I thought it was 8 am- boo! That means no knitting during my morning off. I packed my ice climbing pack, because I think I'll need to be out to not touch the Dale. I'll be working hard after work tomorrow night, and on Saturday, you better believe it.I got the main body done of a hat I'm making for a barter today while in class when people were presenting, and hopefully a few hours tomorrow should finish it. It's my last bit of knitting to finish before the sweater, and then I have a fresh palate to choose from after the Olympics. Maybe a sweater for myself, for once? :)
Off to bed. Need my pre-Olympic knitting rest. And a little before ice climbing wouldn't hurt. :)
Good luck tomorrow, knitters.
Reach for the gold tomorrow! :)

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