Saturday, December 26, 2009


In a couple of days, I'll be driving out to Colorado to do a little bit of this. I'm crazy ridiculous excited to do it, since it'll be a nice break from sitting in front of my computer typing papers or reading or researching or working. We're going to a couple of amazing places, like the Ouray Ice Park for ice climbing. We're also doing the skiing thing at SnowMass and Aspen, pretty much until our legs fall off.
Another good thing- car knitting time (in the form of Nebraska).
SO... EXCITED... :)

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Katie said...

hi there...happened across your blog by typing "climbing" and "knitting" into google.
it's nice to see another grad student who is doing the whole multiple-job, but still need time to play thing.

take care, and have fun in Ouray!