Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alaska Hat

The Amanda hat for my friend in Alaska flew off the needles this afternoon, ready to be shipped tomorrow!I can't believe how fast this hat knits up. It's going so fast, in fact, that I'm stopping at Yarn Harbor tomorrow to pick up a couple of skeins more of Malabrigo to make it for friends as Christmas gifts this year. If one hat took me only a few days, it shouldn't be too tough to pump out about four more hats... will it?
(Famous last words as the knitting Gods smile mockingly down upon me, lightning bolts and exploding needles ready...)I have a couple of friends in mind that I haven't knit anything for yet, and one especially that would enjoy having a hat that someone knit for her instead of her knitting herself one. I'm kind of sad that all my green skein is gone, because it's a really pretty variegated yarn that fades from light green to dark green very dramatically. I'm excited to see the color choices for the next couple of hats- I haven't been to Yarn Harbor in awhile, and every skein of malabrigo is different! The pattern for the Amanda Hat is nice too- different, interesting and easily adaptable. My Ravelry page will be full of them, but I'm not worried about that.
More working on papers tonight, with breaks in between to glue jewels to the milk carton for the comp. I want to get a running copy of my outline done tonight so I can type up a rough draft tomorrow night at work to send to peer editors Friday. That way I can not worry too much till after the comp about them, giving me all day Sunday for revisions (note to self- do not consume large amounts of alcohol at the volunteer's after-comp party Saturday night... must do paper and function following day). Sweet. :)
Time for more coffee and hot glue-ing plastic jewels before reading again...

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