Sunday, December 6, 2009


I can't believe the climbing comp is over. So much time was spent on it this last week. I'll safely be able to blame the climbing comp for a rotten grade on my American Renaissance paper.
We did a lot of this:And a lot of this:I did much more of the later. I have admit, I really enjoyed trying out all of the routes this year. We had a big variety that were challenging in different ways, which is half the battle. You don't want all the routes to have the same types of moves over and over again, or make the hard routes harder just by making the reaches longer and holds tinier. We had a good variety of setters and forerunners, and it made this year's comp very successful.
The comp yesterday was fantastic. We were at the gym late on both Thursday and Friday night, with some finishing setting and the rest of us climbing hard and climbing a lot. My fingers and joints have been feeling it like crazy the last couple of days. Saturday morning we had 90 competitors show up at the door to go at it, and it was a long day of belaying, cheering, handing out prizes, and then a big party for the volunteers later at night (after I stayed to close up the gym). My boss treated a few of us to breakfast this morning at the local favorite place, Uncle Loui's, then after a run to get some greenery in my fridge (the thought of another Subway sandwich after eating them for like 5 days makes me want to puke a little) I'm now hunkered down tonight surrounded by books, coffee, my laptop, notes, and hopefully within an hour a tasty salad to finish my big American Renaissance semester paper that's due tomorrow. I'll be up late tonight finishing it, then up early tomorrow morning to tweak, revise, add, and make it look like a legitimate "I know what I'm talking about" sort of paper.
Wish me luck on that. One more big paper after this one, plus finishing three books and my last final before I'm done with my first semester of Grad School.
I see.... lots of sleepless nights in my future... bleh...
Oh, and that Christmas knitting?
Proooobably not.

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