Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Life is starting to become hectic. The countdown to the end of the semester has begun, with Monday next week being my first paper due date for American Renaissance (a look at why the American Renaissance cannon does not include Drama in its short list of celebrated works, and why it should) and a week and a day later being the due date for my Critical Theory paper (how different narration affects the tragical look on characters in a certain classic book). I'm getting that slow feeling of dread creeping more and more in my stomach as these due dates approach, and I have to say it's not feeling great.
Knitting isn't even helping that much- even with yummy Mmmmmalabrigo. I've only been doing it in class, and I'm just knitting a super simple Amanda Hat (tried and true pattern- boring, I know, but again the mindless knitting is important) for a friend who took off to teach in Alaska. I'll probably need something else to start on since the hat is almost done, but you'd think between the two papers and the always endless reading I wouldn't have time.
Not to mention a special side project that needs to be finished for the Climbing Competition on Saturday...
As per tradition, while the scores are being tallied after the climbing is done, we have a "milk crate stacking" competition to keep everyone entertained. It's exactly what it sounds like- you put a milk crate open part down on the ground, then stack another on top while you're standing on the lower crate and maneuvering to get up. Crates will be thrown the higher the stacker gets, and the stacker is tied in to a belayer so when the stack comes tumbling down, the person will not. Lots of balancing and stakes and heights, which are essential to a good time at a climbing competition.
The winner this year will receive a much better prize than last year- a glass milk carton decorated by yours truly in the gaudiest jewels I could find at a craft store. We're talking full on glitz and grossness. Only problem is, while working on it between chapters of Moby Dick tonight I ran out of jewels, so I'll have to get more tomorrow. Who knew a milk jug would need so many jewels?
Off for a tad more reading then off to bed. I had a late night last night and I need to make sure to keep up on sleep this week.
If only Melville had just condensed a little when writing this whale of a book... (pun intended! Aaaahaha late night humor... )
Or maybe it's just time for bed.

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