Friday, December 11, 2009


I've made a couple of stops at Yarn Harbor over the last week for yarn therapy, and it's probably helped in ways I can't explain. I got two skeins of Malabrigo- one in a beautiful variegated blue and one in a variegated white/light pink/purple (picture sucks for showing the colors- I need one in the sunlight). I'm going to finish up the crazy pink hat with the light pink/white part (which shouldn't take up much at all) and make a hat for christmas gifts with the rest. The blue one will hopefully eek out at least two hats, if I play my cards right. Oh, and check out the way the pink one wound- really awkward. That's a good sign... right?I also got yarn for myself to make a doubled layer pair of mittens. I have two pairs of my own circulating at the moment- my "twilight" pair I made which practically go up to my elbows, and my hardcore outdoor OR mittens, good in -50 degree weather. Since the temp has taken a turn for the worse lately (it was -10 this morning when I went to work with a -20 windchill) I want a nice pair of knit mittens that aren't huge and aren't winter camping mittens- something I can wear to, say, an evening event. And something that are normal-sized mittens that are still fuzzy and can take the Minnesota temps (or at least keep my hands warm on the steering wheel). I'm knitting a trial pair right now as a Christmas gift, then will forage on to my own as soon as possible. The best part is that the inside purple layer for my mittens is 100% baby alpaca wool- can someone say amazing??
Paper tonight and tomorrow before work, but I get to have fun and go to see the Minnesota Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker tomorrow night- so excited! :) It'll be a nice break from homework, and hopefully an inspiration to really step my dancing up a notch.
Time to study :) Stay warm, folks.

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