Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas went quickly south for me as the weather up here went to crap.
We had a blizzard forecasted for the entire Christmas weekend, and I missed my window to be able to drive down to the cities. Therefore, my Christmas eve was spent with a family that took me in for the night, and instead of enjoying the pandemonium of my family's Christmas, it was low key and quieter. I did get to talk to all of them on the phone, and I had a nice long conversation with my Dad today, but overall I was pretty bummed that I missed Christmas.
The blizzard outside has turned from snowy and at least pretty to crap- snow/rain mix with 50 mph winds. The roads are worse than yesterday, covered in ice and slush, so I'm enjoying my Christmas day snuggled in my apartment, making coffee and cleaning up after a hectic semester.
I did, however, finish a pair of mittens for a friend yesterday!These are from a pattern I got at Yarn Harbor awhile ago, and besides the Bella mittens, I'm pretty sure this pattern is my favorite mitten pattern I've found thus far. There's an outer layer of Cascade 220 Worsted Weight, ready to take the toughest of abuse, but lined with 100% baby alpaca wool. I figured I'd make a pair for Molly first, and if I really liked them I'd make a pair for myself, since I don't really have a good pair of mittens like this.
I don't just like them- I absolutely love them! The double layer makes them super warm, perfect for driving to work with in the morning, and a lovely soft layer on the inside that keeps you fuzzy warm all day.Molly's Mittens are lined with Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight yarn, and I'm very glad I got a skein for myself to line my mittens with. I can't wait to start! To make hers extra-special, I used some of the leftover bright pink Alpaca to embroider some hearts by the wrist- she's a pink and hearts type of gal, and she was super excited about them, so I think they'll be put to good use. :)
I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas, and enjoy spending time with family. :)
I'm off to get a cup of coffee... maybe find Rudolph on TV and do some fuzzy knitting.
Merry Christmas!! :-D

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tammy said...

Can you tell me the name of that lined mitten pattern?? I was going to buy it at Yarn Harbor, and they didn't have anymore in. I want to try to order it online. I absolutely love how yours turned out, and I loved the sample at the store too. But I like how you finished yours for your friend! How lucky she is!