Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vibrating from either coffee or lack of sleep...

This week has been horrible. So much homework coupled with work and lack of sleep has worn me almost completely down, and I'm ready for the semester to be over so I can sleep for three days straight.
This was my view when I wasn't at work or in class:The only time it changed was when I moved my computer to my lap when I was in bed to edit... I won't mention the time (either really late or really early), but it wasn't pretty. I got one of my big papers turned in on Monday, then I had my rough draft for my big Grad thesis due this afternoon. It's due on Tuesday, which means after Tuesday I'll be able to breathe and nap before my last final a week later.
Luckily, I've had an amazing pick-me-up from a friend:a beautiful pair of reading mitts to keep my hands warm when I'm typing late at night! They have a gorgeous lace pattern with garter, ending in a scalloped top (and at the bottom) that leave plenty of room for typing and making notes and post-its. I adore them, and they came right when I needed a little lovin'. A big thanks out to Red for those :)I've picked up on the knitting a bit lately, and as I pour one more cup of coffee to do more reading before dragging my research with me to work, I'll leave you with the picture of an almost-finished mitten to go with a happy hat I was working on earlier.
I hope everyone has a chance to sit down with a hot chocolate and relax a little these last few weeks if it gets stressful, and remember to take a little time for yourself! :)

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