Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gear = Happiness

Things are better since my last post. Partly because there's not much I can do about the papers I've already turned in, and partly because I have a lot of other stuff to worry about.
Luckily, a big happy package came my way that cheered me up immensely!I had a special super low price deal with a climbing distributor called Black Diamond (one of my favorite gear companies) for a short time period, and I jumped on getting a bunch of very expensive stuff for waaaaay cheaper than regular. So cheap that I almost feel bad (but then I look at my bank account and realize I'm a poor Graduate student, and then it's okay).
I'll give a full inventory later, but let's just say that I'm completely set up to do my own top rope and limited trad lead climbing once warmer weather rolls around (minus a rope)!!! I no longer will have to always borrow other people's gear, because I have my own shiny stuff now! :)
The one bad side is that this lovely, shiny gear is now going to be sitting on my hook in my room, mocking me because it's too cold to use it quite yet. That's what vacations are for... right?
Which reminds me- I'm heading to Colorado for a trip right after Christmas! Through a friend I found a bunch of good deals on free/cheap places to stay, and super super cheap lift passes for awesome ski areas, so me and a couple of friends are throwing everything in my little car and we're heading out there to do a week and a half of hard skiing and ice climbing. I'm soooo ridiculously excited to just get away and beat my body up- it's going to be great! :) Winter sports at their best!
I've got a couple of Christmas knits to finish up, but I've run into a problem in one of them. I ran out of crazy bright pink yarn for this hat, so I'm still wondering if the stuff I bought to finish it matches well enough to make it okay.
What do you think?

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