Friday, December 18, 2009

It can only go up... right?

Hullo, everyone.
Well, since I wrote things have just gone to crap. Getting my papers in and done was a lot of work that I shouldn't have left for so long, and it resulted in too many sleepless nights and stress.
One of them, I found out right before turning in, was a page below the minimum page requirement.
I don't even want to get that paper back, I'm so worried about the grade.
I wrote the date down wrong for the last day of my special "employee discount days" at B&N, and therefore instead of getting a bunch of books and christmas presents for 40%, I only got my regular 30%.
Then, as the topping on the cake, my beautiful red Schwinn mountain bike was stolen from my apartment building. The bike that's been all over the US and Canada with me, gotten through numerous scraps and rough times (we have a love-hate relationship with how many times it has pitched me over the handlebars), and been my rock for transportation for my entire college career without a car.
And with a quick smash of a cheap lock, it's gone.

I don't mean to be down. I don't like to be down. But it's like karma decided to steam and drop a ten pound load of poo on top of my head.

I've got VE for a ten hour shift tomorrow, but the last thing I have to do before relaxing for a bit is studying for my last final on Tuesday. So knitting and studying tomorrow. I'll do a knitting update soon, because I've been doing quite a bit, and yarny goodness always makes things better.
But for now, tonight, just sleeping a full 8 hours is going to be a fantastic upper and hopefully the start of going back up towards a peak... right?


Darwinstorm said...

Boo I hate having things stolen especially things with a lot of memories attached.

Goodluck for the final. Maybe if you are lucky your uni will have a staff strike and not release your results for awhile like mine is doing. Time definitely makes marks seem less important.

tammy said...

Can you tell me the name of that lined mitten pattern?? I was going to buy it at Yarn Harbor, and they didn't have anymore in. I want to try to order it online. I absolutely love how yours turned out, and I loved the sample at the store too. But I like how you finished yours for your friend! How lucky she is!