Wednesday, February 26, 2014

FO: Superb Owl Hat and Organizing

My friend Sarah's birthday is on Friday, and at the bottom of her birthday box (currently racing its way across the chilly Minnesota mail system) is a tiny little something for her little man, Ben!
I finished the little hat during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, since I was done done done with the Dude Sweater!  I present to you the Superb Owl hat, freshly finished with one set of eye buttons!
Pattern: Owlie Sleep Sack Matching Hat by Teresa Cole (I only did the hat; my friend Heather did the sack- link goes to the blog page with the pattern)
Yarn: Rowan's Creative Focus in Worsted.  I doubt I used even half of the skein.  I wasn't a huge fan of the yarn, as it was prone to splitting.  Not sure what I'm going to do with the rest of the skein...
Needles: size 7
Timeframe: February 1st-February 24.  The only reason it took that long was I knit the first part while watching the Superbowl and the rest of it almost a month later in about 3 hours.  
Mods: None!
Worst Part: I had a minor hiccup trying to figure out what "C4B" and "C4F" meant, with no explanation on the pattern and no cable charts.  I figured it out by looking at the picture, but apparently I've been away from cable for too long.  I wasn't honestly a huge fan of the hat in general, but it was a quick knit so I can't complain too much...
Best Part: When Albert jumped up on the couch to join the photo shoot!  
After finishing the Owl hat and the Dude sweater, I finally did a complete over-haul of the knitting drawer.
I cleaned out all of the old skeins and post-it notes and loose balls of yarn; it was a pretty big mess in the midst of it.
When I was done, I assessed my projects needed and got everything set up, ready to go for easy-access knitting!
One of the first things I cast on for was another Turn-a-Square hat.  Why, you might ask?
Because the lovely little Maeby decided to turn Scott's fall hat I knit him into kitten noms.  Damn cat.  This new one is going to be in a dark blue for the main color and the graduations are various shades of blue in a pretty Noro yarn.  I know I'll be knitting a second one pretty soon after this one is finished, just to have one on deck in case Maeby eats the new one...
I also cast on for the first of three end-of-year dance presents I'll be knitting.
This one is going to be the Honey Cowl for my vivacious dancer in the duet I choreographed.  I cast on for it today so I can bring it to Friday's all-day conference on the teaching of writing in the classroom that LSC will be putting on.  I'm leading one of the sessions for the conference, which I'm pretty excited about!  I wanted to make sure I had an easy knit for the rest of the sessions, and this one seems like it will knit up as a dream.
Or, at least, I'm hoping it will.

Sidenote: I haven't forgotten to do an FO post about the Dude- I'm just waiting for a good day to get pictures of Scott actually wearing it, possibly outside.  That's been hard when the temp isn't higher than 0 and the windchill is between -30 and -40, like it is this evening.  I'm so ready for winter to be over...

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Mark said...

Albert with your owl is the best photo! nice hat.