Saturday, February 1, 2014

FO: Addiction Socks

I finally finished the second of my Addiction Socks, and with the snow falling outside, it's the perfect day for a brand-new pair of warm knitted socks!

Pattern: V-Junkie by Alice Yu, from the book Socktopus (links go to Ravelry pages)
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn's Happy Feet in a lovely variagation of purples, reds, greens, and blues.  Perfect TrueBlood colors!
Needles: Size zero bamboo DPN's.  They're pretty warped, as I definitely hold my tension pretty tight.
Timeframe: December 6, 2011-January 31st, 2013.  To be fair, the second sock only took the last couple of weeks or so to knit.  Extreme second-sock syndrome.  My bad.

Mods: Due to the small size of my feet, I decreased in the foot down to the two honeycombs, then immediately after the second purl row, began my toe decreases.  Pattern called for a knit pattern in between each decrease row, and I didn't do that, either.  I simply decreased on every row until I had 9 stitches on two needles (18 total), and did a three-needle cast-off.
Worst Part: Very obviously the second-sock syndrome.  I need to stop that.  It's just better for everyone, including the project. I also knit one honeycomb section less before turning the heel, so I'll just have to make sure to always wear pants, and hope that people don't look too closely at the height of my socks... :)
Best Part: Finally finishing, and having all the honeycombs line up on the foot!  I don't make socks very often, but it'll be nice to have this pair in my arsenal for cold-weather wear.  We've had a lot of that lately.

With these socks done, I can focus solely on the Dude Sweater.  I have the whole weekend to finish the right side of the sweater, and hopefully seam the back to the fronts of the sweater and begin to weave in ends.  That way Scott can try it on, which will make it seem like I'm making visible and measurable progress (to him).
I still haven't decided if finishing my two big WIP's will be my Ravellympics goal this year or not.  I think that with the two-week deadline, it would be a great idea.  I can finish the sweater and Brit's mittens, and then set my sights on a big project for myself during the warmer spring months.  I've had the yarn for a Coastal Hoodie for a long time now- perhaps I can finally wind it and begin a sweater for myself... :)