Sunday, March 2, 2014

FO: Lorax Mustache for the Mustache March Run

Even though I started some great projects after I finished the owl hat, I had to take a one-night detour to make a ridiculous knit that is fast becoming a yearly tradition.  Saturday was the third annual Mustache March Run here in Duluth along the lakewalk, and as per tradition, I knit a mustache to wear for the run!
I decided that this year, instead of making a random mustache, I would make a mustache based on Dr. Suess's brilliant book The Lorax.  That guy, after all, has an insane mustache!
I definitely made up a lot of what I was doing, since there was no "Lorax Mustache" available online.  
I used Size 6 DPN's and CO 3 stitches with bright yellow worsted-weight yarn, then knit about 28 inches of I-cord.  Just enough to wrap around my head and tie comfortably without too much extra dangling down.
I then used the book Knit Your Own Moustache by Vicky Eames to knit the "Walrus Mustache", which was a real quick knit.  I still used the size 6 needles, despite the pattern calling for size 4. 
To get the shape of the Lorax 'stache, I whip-stitched the bottom of the mustache to the i-cord, so the Walrus Mustache was actually upside down when I would put the mustache on my face.
This allowed me to get the Lorax look that I wanted.
It was time to add the bushy part!  I cut a ton of 4-7 inch long lengths of yarn, and used a tapestry needle to just thread them through a stitch on the main part of the mustache.  To make it easy, once I pulled the length through to halfway, then just double-knotted the length of yarn, so it was secure on the mustache.
Near the outside edges of the mustache, I kind of gathered the rest of the tied lengths so I could "shape" what the Lorax mustache was supposed to look like and double-knotted the gathered lengths up so it would look like a big bushy mustache shooting out to the sides and down!
It worked out really well, and I was really happy with how it looked when I was done for only one night of work!
Race day dawned bright and a little on the chilly side...
The wind chill pushed the temp down to about -35, but that didn't stop almost 500 people to meet out on the lakewalk next to Lake Superior to run 2.65 miles!  I bundled up with my winter camping/snowshoeing/ice climbing gear (wicking-warmth-weather!) and tied the mustache on my face for a fantastic face warmer!
I ran with three awesome other ladies, and despite the chilly temps, ice on the run, and complete lack of cardio fitness for me, I finished the run in about 32 minutes.  I was even warm and excited when I crossed the finish line!
It was a great race, and made even better by running with old and new friends!
I even had a support person at the finish line- Scott!  He took a break from homework to come cheer me on (while wearing all the warmest clothes he could).  He may have gone inside and had a beer for about 20 minutes while I was running, but he was there when I finished with smiles and a hug, so I'm not complaining. :)
(Note the icicles beneath my nose- yes, I have mustache icicles!)
It was a fantastic little event in the middle of this ridiculous cold the northland is trapped in, and it was a nice chance to get outside on a day I would have probably stayed in. :)

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Mark said...

love your mustache, and indeed, when I had one, it got frost & snow on it, but not 'icycles' (or is that "icicles'?)