Friday, February 21, 2014

Ravellenic Finish Line!

It's been a crazy last 24 hours!
Last time I updated, I was finishing up the second sleeve on a Wednesday afternoon.  That evening, I went down to the climbing gym for a fantastic 3 hour session with my friend Bailey.  I really needed it, especially since it was the last session before the competition on Saturday.  I watched figure skating as I completed the sleeve.  Getting that done was huge- all the major pieces of the sweater were complete!
Yesterday was school and a snowstorm!

We got about 16 inches of snow last night, and today the wind gusts got up to 40 mph.  The only good thing about the crazy snowstorm was more knitting time as I watch the ladies figure skating free skate!
I knit the facings for the front of the sweater, and I made a bit of a mod- incorporating three buttonholes using Ysolda Teague's one-hole buttonhole method from her book "Little Red in the City".

I finished pretty late, since I didn't want to stop until both facings were done.  This meant that today, Friday, all I had to do was seam the pieces, weave in the ends, sew on the buttons, and knit the collar.

I lay out all the pieces and got to work on the arms.
The kittens kept trying to get their faces in wherever they weren't particularly wanted, both trying to take naps on the body of the sweater...

and when I take a break to get a quick snack...

But after all the hours of knitting, all the seaming, all the sore fingers and late nights, I lay The Dude down at around 2 this afternoon, and I had to smile.

The Dude is done.
I submitting it to the finish line of the Ravellenic games, and tonight I'm going to pour myself a victory glass of wine.
Gold medal in the WIP Dancing- achieved.  :)

I'll post my actual FO summary later.  Now is time for wine. ;)

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