Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ravellenics, Days 11-13

It's the final week of the Ravellenic games!  I'm actually feeling really good about where I am in the games right now.  Why?

Check. It. OUT!
I finished the first sleeve on Sunday night, and the last couple of days I've zoomed through the second sleeve.  I'm planning on finishing the second sleeve tonight, and all that's left is seaming, sewing in ends, the two lapels on the front, and the collar.  Oh, and sewing on buttons that I haven't bought yet. 
Which really won't take that long.
Anyway. :)
A part of the reason why I've been zooming on the sweater was because we had a big snowfall the last couple of days, which this afternoon has blossomed into 40 degree temps.  I'll be taking a break to head down and climb a little to loosen my muscles one last time before the climbing comp, enjoy the sun a bit, then go go go on the sleeve to finish it off this evening!  Here's to a triumphant gold medal in this year's Ravellenic games!! 
Well, almost... :)


nancy88 said...

Why, oh why didn't I find your blog long ago??? Your Dude sweater is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to see it in person!! :)

Katie said...

Haha, thanks Nancy! :) I go between thinking it's the most ridiculous thing ever and really liking it, depending on what section I'm on...