Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ravellenics, Days 7-10

It's been a crazy-busy last couple of days!
I spent Saturday helping my dance studio move from our old one to our brand new big building!  This was not glamorous at all, as the majority of the time for me was spent hauling heavy stuff with the rest of the dance dads.

They ripped up the beautiful wooden floor in the old studio, and we hauled every single piece up to the new studio, along with two trailer-loads full of props.

One of the big studios in the new place quickly filled, and the majority of the afternoon was spent organizing all the props, storing them in the big storage areas, and helping with odd jobs: painting, hauling certain things to certain rooms, and even watching the new floor get put down in the second big room of the new studio.  When I got home on Saturday night, I was so zonked that I barely had the energy to stay awake and eat dinner, much less knit.
Today was also packed with meeting a friend for a nice long coffee chat and some climbing.

The competition is a week off, and I'm already kind of resigning to the fact that I'm probably not going to do nearly as stellar as I would hope.  I'm not in the best of shape right now endurance-wise, and endurance is huge for a comp.   I'm going to also attempt to be very smart about the routes I pick on competition day, sticking to the technical vertical walls instead of pumping my arms out on the big overhangs.  I'll probably climb twice more this week, doing pull-ups and some cardio to balance it out along with yoga, then taper off on Friday to be fully prepped for a decent burn on Saturday.
In all of this, the Dude has marched on.  I was here on Saturday evening:

which is about halfway through the first sleeve, and today I've chugged through the colorwork section, which has been taking the longest.  I'm going to eat some dinner now, then finish the first arm (YES YES YES!!!) before I head to bed tonight.  After all, the Olympics finish next Sunday, which means the Dude has to be finished, too!  It's not too far away, but there's still enough that has to be done that I'm a little nervous...

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