Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ravellenics, Days 1-6

I had a bit of a slow start to the games this year.
The opening ceremonies were pretty fantastic, thanks to an "Opening Ceremonies" party I went to!  I hung out with a bunch of friends, commenting on the outfits of the different nations (Canada was one of my favorite!), eating chili and crescent sandwiches, and for me, working on the Narwhal mittens until the torch was finally lit after a (long) opening ceremonies!

The weekend was exceedingly busy.  I was at the first dance competition of the season all day Saturday, cheering on my two lovely ladies that took first place in their category!

This was my first ever duet that I've choreographed, and the first time I've choreographed something that wasn't tap.  I've been really nervous about the reception for it, but so far it's going really well!
I had tons of grading and choreographing to do Sunday, plus four hours of dance on Sunday night, so I haven't been able to really dig in to the Dude Sweater until just this Monday!
I finished the right front section in one night.  Unfortunately, I was on auto-pilot and a bit tired after teaching dance, so I accidentally knit too far at the top of the front, and I ended up having to cut off the top and ripping back.

After the minor surgery, I did a quick pick-up of the live stitches, double-checking what row I stopped at, and finished the top with no further problems.  Since I wasn't in any shape to do any seaming at that point, I cast on for the first sleeve, but didn't get very far.
Today, however, was a pretty bit stepping stone for this project.  I lay out the pieces I have so far (so many ends... bleh), lined up the edges to make sure that everything looked good, and seamed up the body of the beast!

After connecting the shoulders and the sides, I turned on Netflix (NBC apparently only shows the Olympics at certain times... jerks) and spent a good couple of hours weaving in the ends of the colorwork.
I even had a little help, though she doesn't look as excited about the sweater as I was...

It took forever, but now that it's done...

I'm just more excited to keep going strong.
Sleeve #1?
As of an hour ago, I'm past the first three colors sections and I'm on the first colorwork chart already.
Here's to a productive and AWESOME next few days of knitting.  I see a glitter of gold at the end of the tunnel...

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