Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vet Check

Normally I'm really productive on my days off between dance and school.  I get grading done, clean the apartment, organize some ignored corner, and make progress on projects.
Today was not a terribly productive day.
Yes, I got homework graded.  I even made spinach lasagna roll-ups for dinner, went down to the climbing gym for a couple of hours, and cleaned the apartment.
The big plan today, though, was herding the kittens into the kitty box to bring them to their yearly vet check-up.

As you can see, Albert was really not excited to get off of his lovely warm heater to make his way down the hill to be poked and prodded by the vet.  He at least was so petrified that he barely moved, and instead simply stared at the vet with wide-eyed horror.
Maeby, on the other hand, was a pill.
She yowled on the entire ride down to the vet, and was exceedingly squirmy the entire time the vet tried to handle her.  I almost preferred Albert's rescue kitty petrified compliance to this rowdy trouble-maker.

Her problem with eating non-kitten food items-called "pica"- was simply written on the form by the vet as:
"Attempt to limit and monitor Maeby's consumption of foreign objects." When the vet tech checked me out, she couldn't stop laughing.  It didn't help that Maeby kept yowling even then.
This lovely prognosis was prompted by her stool sample, which apparently contained a piece of a black plastic bracelet that she had found sometime within the last 24 hours to ingest.  I was hopeful that Maeby wouldn't eat something weird before our vet appointment, but this did prompt some fun storytelling where I got to tell them about her licking star confetti off the table when I attempted to decorate.  She pooped glitter for a day or two after that incident.
Gotta love being the fun story of the day for the vets...

Anyhow, tomorrow should be a fairly light day of teaching at school since it's mostly a work day for my students, but I still have plenty of daily grading to get through and part of a department review on technology in the writing classroom to write.  A cup of tea and list-making tonight makes me feel ready and organized to finish my week, especially with some important stuff coming up!
Friday starts the Olympic knitting, so I'll outline what my plans are in the next couple of days here.  It's going to be pretty intense.  I'm glad I have Netflix queued up on my sweet little machine, and the cold forecast helps my motivation to really dig in and go to town on these projects.  YEEEEAH Ravellympics!

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