Tuesday, January 28, 2014

SSS Problems

The last few days have been more than just a little cold.

So cold, in fact, that school in most of Minnesota has been cancelled both Monday and Tuesday, including my college.  The wind chill starts at -40, going as low as -60.  It's limited how much anyone has gone outside.  Yoga has been cancelled the last couple of mornings.  Businesses are closed.  I ran out yesterday to do some errands, but when the wind blew right in my face I could barely breathe.
Instead, I've been hanging out a bit at home.  While it mildly sucks to be stuck inside all day, it has been a chance to get some projects done!  One of the big things has been choreographing the last parts of my dances for this year's competitions.  
I'm really happy with where they're going and how they're looking, and hopefully the next couple of weeks means I can finish choreographing completely and focus on helping my dancers create characters and overall feelings of energy or sassyness or whatever the piece requires.  
I also mildly set aside the Dude Sweater and chugged ahead like crazy on the Addiction socks.  
I'm really happy with how far I got, but as I began to compare the socks side by side, I noticed a problem.
BAH!  I guess a year between socks means that my gauge has tightened.  Not only that, but if you compare honeycombs in the feet, you'll notice that they're a little bit... off.
I have no idea how that happened, unless I did exactly one honeycomb less in the first half of the pattern before I turned for the heel.
Well, I guess it's a good thing that these socks are for me, and don't have to match perfectly.  I would probably rip them back if they were for someone else as a gift, but I have a higher tolerance for mistakes when it's for me and something that's hiding under my shoes.
I think I might pull the Dude back out tonight after I'm home from dance.  He behaves more than this stupid pair of socks.  Plus I know that Scott has really had his eye on this sweater since it's been so ridiculously cold out.
I hate being stuck between a sucky sock and a huge awkward sweater...

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