Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oopsie Daisy

You'd think that by now I'd be happily be reporting the completion of something wooly. The socks, for instance. All I have left is the bottom of the foot. In fact, it shouldn't take me that long at all to get that done- it's half stockinette stitch, so nothing terribly difficult. Or working hard on the body of the Dale. Another line or two, even. Or (this one does hurt to not have worked on, I have to admit) making four insignificant pom-poms to put on the end of the ties for Jenelle's legwarmers. That's all they need to be complete. An hour- tops- to complete.
But I've been busy.
For instance, these two lovely folks stopped by to visit me:That's Mark on my right and Larissa on my left- my two old roommates, whom I miss every day ever so much! They have incredible news that I'm excited about- they're getting married!!! Huzzah and good tidings to them! The wedding will be in early October next year, and I'll be one of the bridesmaids for Larissa!
I've been really gearing down on beginning my training. On August 2nd (a month from today!! Holy cow!) I'll be competing in the Brewhouse Triathlon. Originally I was going to be doing the swimming portion, but since I'm the only one of the team that bikes (and I commute, so I bike quite a bit) I'll be biking the 20.6 miles for the race instead. It's not a matter of finishing it- for me, it's a matter of doing it fast. This is, after all, a race. This last week I've been riding my mountain bike more and more, and today I did a two hour mountain bike ride that really kicked me around up and down hills all over the place. If I can do it on a moutain bike, I can do it on a road bike. Speaking of, I'll be picking up my Mom's old road bike this weekend (she rode it on her honeymoon with my Dad around Wales back in 1984 for a month) and starting to train on that hard as soon as I'm back up here.
Oh, and I'll be heading to the cities for the fourth of July weekend for some family and friends time- I'm very excited for that!
Soooo... hopefully my next update will have some gorgeous pictures of socks or legwarmers or Dale prettyness...
but not this one. :)

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LARISSA said...

WHY DID YOU PUT UP THE PICTURE OF MY EYES CLOSED!?!? We specifically took a second photo so that would not be a problem...hussy...