Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

I got to celebrate the fourth of July this year in one of the best possible ways- with magnificent people doing magnificent things! I drove down to the cities to my friend Kim's house yesterday after my shift at B&N, and fun things abounded for the day! There was a white chocolate fountain for dipping strawberries that was so tasty, Larissa and I just wanted to eat it all up!We played games of gigantic badmitten (the half-ball part of the birdie was the size of a tennis ball), and gigantic golf. We would pick random things to hit as "holes", and I ended up being one of the holes.The bruise on my shin is the result of this picture, where Kim's brother Matthew proceeded to hit the golf ball at me full speed. He got the hole, and I got a bump to prove it! :)Bubbles were one of our favorite ways to celebrate! Kim had special bubble blowers in the shape of ice cream cones. Perfect.Pretty sure that my favorite part was spending the day with some of my favorite people that I haven't seen in a ridiculously long time. It felt so good to just take some time with old friends, catch up, relax and hang out. It ended (of course) with fireworks and sparklers.All in all, not a bad fourth. :)

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