Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting By

It's been a really long week for a lot of reasons. I've been working a lot and stress of bad things have just pushed me close to not being able to keep it completely together. Coffee in large quantities has been consumed, and I've been using my projects to distract myself. For example:I finally painted my ugly bookshelf that goes next to my desk, covering the gross looking plastic wood with a mix of black and purple with dashes of white. I really like looking at it and seeing a tiny flash of the white paint show through, or a ridge or purple.I'm really enjoying painting, even if it is just old furniture. I have a blank canvas left over from art class and I might experiment with it a little bit later, but for now I'm enjoying going crazy on the furniture.
Yesterday I worked hard and got the bulk of the work done on the Thorpe hat I'm making as a barter. It just needs a crochet edge and the i-cord ties before it's ready to head off to the recipient. I may be a little nervous because I currently can't actually locate the Ucard that I'm borrowing from him (I usually keep it in the pocket that holds my iPod, but for some reason it wasn't in there this morning. Bad omen), but hopefully it'll show up. Soon. Today. When I open up my backpack and it's right there. Hopefully. ::gulp::
I'm at VE again all day today, and I'm going to go for the gusto and bring the Dale to work on while I'm there. I probably won't get terribly far on it, but I have to bite the bullet and just do it or this thing will never get done. I've been working on distraction projects for too long using the excuse that the Dale is "too big" to carry around, but in reality it's in the same size bag and it's not that bad. It's nice out today, so we'll be slow and hopefully I can get at least a few lines done.
I started the Whisper Cardigan, but so far it's really slow going. For some reason I'm having a lot of trouble with the lace weight on big wooden needles, and I may need to switch or figure out something else. It's not even what I would call "enjoyable" right now, which is stupid because it's a gorgeous cardigan with Malabrigo, so it should be beyond "enjoyable" and right up there with "spectacular!" or "incredible!" or "Malabrigo-licious!".
Going to go see Harry Potter 6 tonight- yay! This will be the first time for the HP movies that I havne't A) dyed my hair red as Ginny Weasley or B) seen it at the midnight showing. It just wasn't possible with my schedule this year- oops. Maybe next movie?
Off to make more coffee. I think my blood has turned into coffee. I'm surprisingly okay with that...

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