Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And We All Fall Down

It's almost ironic that the last picture I posted from yesterday is a pic from the bike ride with my parents, because I went on my first real training session yesterday for biking the twenty-odd miles for the tri, and it didn't turn out the way I expected.
I was doing the ride with Tyler, since he was equipped with tools and a way to tell how far we'd gone and how fast we were going (plus motivation to go far and fast). We were maybe a mile past the Glensheen Mansion (perhaps 4 or 5 miles into our ride) when disaster struck- riding side by side, he accidentally veered too close to me and the handlebars of our bikes stuck together. We both tried to overcompensate and he swerved into traffic and I swerved into the curve. Luckily the car behind us braked in time to miss Tyler, so all he did was road burn the entire right side of his body and cracked his helmet (plus got part of his helmet shoved into the back of his head- blood everywhere- yuck).
I was not so lucky- my bike fell on top of me, I crashed into the pavement and the curb, got giant road burn all down my left side, and twisted my knee pretty bad under my bike. I also had the wind completely knocked out of me (which I guess isn't bad really, but it's scary not being able to breath at that moment), and jammed my wrist pretty bad when I threw my arm out to catch myself (stupid idea). I hyperventilated as I tried to breath again while at the same time crawling off the road on the grass, while Tyler dragged our bikes out of the road. Eventually we recovered enough to limp to Glensheen to call for help, and I spent most of the evening with a bag of frozen vegetables on my knee. I'm sore all over and have bad road burn down my side which I cleaned out (ow). I got up this morning and found that walking was slow and painful, so I called in to work for the day so I could have a day to give my knee a break, and pulled out my old knee brace since I'll probably need it later (like if I want to walk today or this week).
Anyhow, I didn't roll under the car, so I'm pretty happy to be alive and no broken bones. It could always be worse. I'll probably just be taking it easy for today, although the problem of how will I get anywhere is eeking at the back of my brain.
All right, enough for now. I'm off to stand and move and maybe get breakfast.
Cheers. :)

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