Monday, June 29, 2009

Aw, Crap.

I told myself that in order to start any other project that I really really want to, I absolutely have to finish all the big projects that are currently on my needles. There are really only three contenders that this covers.
Trident Lace Socks- It's amazing how much I can do on a slow Sunday at VE, especially when I only pack these as entertainment- no books, no magazines, not even other yarn to look at. It's still slow for me to work on lace, but I'm thinking perhaps as far as socks go I only have a mind block up. After all, I got a ton done and only have the foot left. Maybe I can finally finish these stupid things soon. I've only been working on them since flippin' January...
The Dale-Okay, so maybe it doesn't look like I'm much further. But you can bet that there's progress on this beast. Slowly but surely. I'll get it done before it snows. Probably. Of the three, this one is probably going to test me the most. Especially since I'm almost done with the other two.
And, of course,
Mosey Legwarmers for Jenelle-
Okay, here's where I ran into a slight... um... problem, if you will. I originally bought two skeins for this project, and needed three to finish. I bought another skein weeks after I got the first two (amateur mistake, I know), brought it home, realized it was waaaay too dark, brought my legwarmer to YH the next time I went, and got another skein that I thought matched all right. I noticed it wasn't exactly right with color at the shop, but it looked close enough that I thought it would be fine. I started knitting with it in the legwarmer, and only when I was much farther that I really looked and saw the difference. Unfortunately, this was the skein closest in color at the shop, so I had to go with it. Take a look at the finished product. That was with a flash. Still don't belive me?Without a flash in regular light.



Screw it.After these things dry completely (and they're close), I'll get a proper photo shoot and get them to the recipient. I won't say anything, and maybe she won't notice...Since these are pretty much done, once I finish the socks I'll only be working on the Dale. I may start some travel socks just to be working on something, but it's going to be all Dale all the time. ::gulp::.
This might be a bad idea...

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