Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tri in the City

I ran down to the cities for a quick jaunt this weekend, hanging out with my friend Heather a little bit and then cheering on Tyler at his Triathlon. It was a great break from working so much the last week, and it was especially great to be able to see Heather again, even though it wasn't as long as I would have liked.
The only thing that wasn't nice about the weekend was having to get up at 4:30 am to go with Tyler to his triathlon on Sunday. Yuck. The only consolation was the coffee that accompanied getting up that early was exceptionally good (as it had to be, or I would have been one cranky lady). I got to do a lot of cheering during his transitions as he swam, biked, and ran his way to 8th place in his division, which is pretty good. The swim was a quarter mile, the bike was 22 miles, and the run was 3 miles. I'm really nervous about just biking 22 miles for my tri this weekend, I can't even imagine what doing the swim and run on either end must be like.The hour he was on the bike I got to spend some quality time with the sock, and it enjoyed getting me weird looks as I held it up to prove it was at the Tri with me. I also got stuck on the pattern again, and it's driving me nuts how this stupid sock is giving me so much trouble. I almost want to start another project, but I feel like that would be very counter-productive to all the ones I have going on right now.
Luckily I got stuck right as he was finishing up, so it worked out in the end. We stopped at a couple bike stores on our way back to Duluth, where I won a free water bottle and T-shirt in a scratch off game running for the Tour de France, and got an amazing picture of Tyler in a time-trial bike helmet.I'm thinking whoever designed these things must have had a serious thing for space-age designs, because that's what I think it looks like...
Lots of artsy stuff going on today, but I won't be able to report on that till later, I suppose. ;) For now, finishing the team shirts I'm making for the Brewhouse Tri on Sunday and contemplating colors for my new bookshelf is on the agenda.
Perhaps some ice cream is on there as well... :)

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