Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things I Learned Today

Even though I had a full day (worked both jobs a total of 13 hours, not counting travel time) I was able to learn some very important things today.
1- Never underestimate how amazing rain pants are when biking in the rain. Arriving to work without a wet butt makes them worth every penny you thought was too much.
2- When you're physically hurt, you shouldn't push yourself. You have to just accept that you need time to get better and let that time happen.
3- Sometimes a hug can be the best thing in the world. And you may not realize it until you don't get one.
4- Purple wildflowers on my windowsill with the rain in the background is prettier than a lot of the photographs I've seen in my life.
5- I found out that my headlamp is superb at being waterproof.
6- I also found out that my backpack fails at being waterproof.
7- On a rainy day, never put knitting in a backpack that may or may not be waterproof without some sort of protection. You may regret it (very much so) later.
7.5- Yarn is not waterproof
7.75- Books are not waterproof either. Especially the bottom of the books squished against the yarn that isn't waterproof.
8- It's amazing how much just being nice to others can make you feel better, especially when they're nice back.
9- Coffee and friends fix almost everything. Coffee, friends, plus knitting, ice cream, or movies fixes everything hands down.
10- Letting go of something you don't want to can be the hardest thing in your life, especially when it might break you.


red said...

Umm...#10? What? Explanation?

LARISSA said...

I like you.