Thursday, July 23, 2009


My thoughts about this week were entirely true as far as time and availability were concerned. The day I thought was going to be the worst for work was Wednesday, where I worked a split shift at B&N from 7am to noon and then 3:30 to 7pm, and that day actually wasn't that bad. The two short shifts allowed me time to have a nice lunch at home watching the thunderstorm, plus I didn't get home terribly late and got a full night of sleep. On Tuesday I had enough free time between jobs to see Cheryl, where I got to chat with her about my recent thoughts about next year and other random things. I hang out with guys so much that it's nice to have some much-needed girl time, complete with coffee and knitting (well, more the coffee and talking for me and knitting for her). She also helped me figure out where I was going wrong on that stupid sock pattern, so I can be on my merry way probably tomorrow when I'm at VE all afternoon and evening, and gave me a pom-pom maker so I can finally finish Jenelle's Mosey Legwarmers.
I stopped at YH on the way home from coffee with Cheryl, and got some Addi Turbos to hopefully help with the Whisper Cardigan and a skein of yummy Malabrigo for a barter hat for someone from work.I had a piece of Lake Superior sea glass I found last summer that she's going to make into a necklace for me, and I'm going to make her a hat in exchange. I'm thinking the Amanda Hat, as it's a ridiculously fast knit and it's super pretty, especially in the Malabrigo. If I have extra I'll probably make another one for my roommate Juliet, since she has no knits by me and she's a huge fan of green. No idea if I'll have enough yarn.
Tonight after a long active day I went in on pizza and sandwiches with friends when they were ordering from Dominos, and my stomach made the decision to crave Cinnasticks, so I gave in and got a box figuring I'd eat two sticks and give the rest to the guys. That ended in a big fail as I demolished 4/5 of the Cinnasticks and promptly fell asleep watching a movie on TV. Woke up about an hour ago to go home and now I'm nursing a giant stomachache from all the sugar and butter and icing. Blurgh.
How come they have to make them so tasty that I can't stop eating them?
And now I have a sugar buzz and a tummy ache.
Let's see if knitting and sleep fix any of that...

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