Thursday, February 26, 2015

Le Petite Godzilla Ruins Things Again

Remember the picture I posted with the Onward Shawl laying on the bed, blocking in a single day, shut in the bedroom away from the cats?

Funny story.

I ran off that afternoon for 4 hours of dance after repositioning the fans one more time.  The shawl was probably just over halfway dry when I left, so I was excited to have a finished and dry product when I got home.
Halfway through dance, I received this series of text messages:

You know that deep down, gut feeling of utter dread and unhappiness?  Usually I associate it with horrendous problems with my car that will cost a lot of money, or immediately following my oral exams in grad school, feeling like I had failed.
That's what those texts from Scott felt like.
Scott had gone in the bedroom for something.  Albert had run in and hid under the bed, out of reach.  Scott put food in the cat dishes.  He couldn't get Albert out to feed him.  Maeby immediately strolled over to enjoy her dinner.  Here's the kicker- Scott left the door open to the bedroom so Albert could get out for dinner, then went downstairs to his Man Cave.  It's still uncertain how long he was gone.
He ran up when he heard our roommate Kim yelping that Maeby was in the bedroom and doing something to the shawl.
This something, to be exact:

Doesn't look that big?

Trust me, it's a lot.
Check it out compared to how much corner there should be (with the completed corner under the nommed one):

When I got home to contemplate the damage, I sat in shock for a good five minutes.  Scott was of course apologetic, but I was more than a bit mad.  She had eaten back to literally exactly where I had fixed the shawl the first time.  And fixing and re-knitting the first time took upwards of 30 hours.  Kendra comes to collect it on Saturday, and I suddenly had 30 hours of work to do on what was supposed to be a completed (for the second time!!!) shawl.  Not to mention that I was out of yarn if I wanted to rip back and do the entire thing correctly.  I had about 1/4 of the last skein from the project leftover after the first fix.
It took a couple of days for the anger (mostly at Scott) to wear off.  I know that I can blame Maeby for being stupid and eating it, but her brain is the size of a peanut and she spends half her day licking her butt.  I can't be that mad at her for long.
Scott, on the other hand, left Godzilla unattended and left the door open with access to the knitting.
So even though he didn't directly cause the damage, he takes an assist in the crime.
Don't worry- he knows that lots of yarn and extra nice date nights are only the beginning to making this up to me.
So now begs the question- do I find the yarn online, fix it correctly, and give it to her in another month?  Or do I darn the chewed-off section and pick up and knit a little corner so I can have this done for her by Saturday?
I'll be making a decision and working on it by this afternoon, because time's a-tickin'...


nancy88 said...

I'm crying for you. Literally. Oh Katie, I'm just so sorry. This shawl was CURSED! XO

Anne S. said...

Oh man... I hope you decided on a little corner. It's part of the shawl's charm & story!

Mark said...

Good thing Kendra likes cats and will be happy to get a gift with a 'mischevious cat story' included.