Friday, February 6, 2015

FO: Armadillo Ornament

Another FO bites the dust. :)
Granted, this one was supposed to be finished for Christmas, but... yeah.  The recipient is just over 1 years old, so I feel like I can get a little bit of a reprieve this year.  We'll move on from that. Next year I'll be on the ball!
Checked off the list- the Armadillo Ornament!

Pattern: Don the Dillo by Gabrielle Theriault
Yarn: Mirasol's Sulka Legato in Light Brown and Dark Brown
Needles: Susan Bates metal DPN's, size 000 for the light brown/body, and size 2 for the shell.
Timeframe: November 22, 2014-February 4, 2015

Recipient: Honorary nephew, little baby Ben!
Mods: The big one is that this is normally a bigger armadillo, but I used both smaller yarn and needles to make him able to hang on the Christmas tree.  Original pattern calls for size 2 and 8 needles to make the body and worsted weight yarn; I used size 000 and size 2 needles and light fingering weight yarn.  I also followed the suggestions of other Ravelry users and knit the tail and body as one continuous piece, which worked really well.  I also picked up the stitches for the legs straight from the body instead of knitting them and attaching them later, which is my usual method with stuffed animals (and works much better when there's a chance of small children grabbing and pulling).

Worst Part: Not finishing it for Christmas.  Boo.
Best Part: He's kinda cute. :)
I mean, he made friends with Albert.  And Albert is pretty picky about who he likes. :)

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