Tuesday, February 24, 2015

VE Climbing Comp

It's been a busy week or so (though, to be honest, I can't remember when I haven't been busy).
Last weekend, besides having a ton of dance, I competed all day on Saturday in the North Shore Style Climbing Competition at Vertical Endeavors in Duluth!
It was a grand ol' time, mostly because there were a lot of awesome people that were climbing with me that I haven't either hung out with in awhile or haven't climbed with extensively.  A few were from the Twin Cities, which I barely ever get to see, so it was grand camaraderie overall!

One of them even brought me a sweet Tshirt to represent the climbing community here in MN!
The comp itself was a lot of fun- I made it to the finals round for the Women's Open category, which is the category for the hardest lady climbers, and even though I was super pooped after a full day of climbing, I managed to get a few holds up on the finals route before being kicked off by a sloper.

I ended up in 2nd place, being beat out by a girl that placed 3rd nationally last year, so I don't feel too upset that I didn't get 1st place. ;)

My prize was a sweet pair of hanging holds that will be fantastic for training in our basement of doom (coming soon- Spring 2015, hopefully!).  The best part now is that I get to go back and have fun on all the comp routes- working the sequences that I had trouble with during the flash-format (where you have to get the route the first or second time on it for the most amount of points).
Other big news?
Drumroll, please!

Isn't it pretty? :)
And isn't it big?
I was a little surprised how much this shawl stretched out, but it's gorgeous and dry and (finally!) ready to be handed over to the recipient.  Super glad I didn't go with a seventh repeat of the pattern- the shawl is already big enough.  I had to set up fans while blocking to make sure that I had a bed to sleep in that night.
Now to figure out my next big project... :)

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nancy88 said...

Congrats on your 2nd place finish, and the shawl looks GREAT! So pretty!