Sunday, February 1, 2015

Already February?

I sat down at my computer to sort out some pictures, and was blown away by the fact that we're already entering the second month in 2015.  Where did the time go?
Oh, wait... I know.

The kittens had their yearly vet visit, where Albert was great (he just goes into "frozen kitten" mode to deal with the scary outside world) and Maeby was a pill; she jumped all over the counters, whined a bunch, but made up for it by licking the vet's fingers between pokes and needles.

Her yarn obsession is getting better.  I'm to the point that I'll allow her near it when I'm sitting next to her, but I definitely don't leave her alone in a room with it.
Baby steps. :)
I've been spending almost all of my time either training at the climbing gym, or at the dance studio.
Competition season is coming up fast for both, and I want to feel really prepared!
Case in point- I went to my first climbing competition of 2015 yesterday!

It was over at University of Wisconsin-Superior, and is generally a little smaller crowd, but still a lot of fun!

My good friend Alex climbed as well, and we had a good time sharing beta and meeting a lot of climbing ladies from all over Wisconsin, since this competition was part of a series of comps run throughout the University of Wisconsin system.  I doubt I'll travel to any other Wisconsin comps, but since this was right next to me, I gave it a shot!

Super glad I went- I ended up taking 1st place overall for women!  Felt really good to feel solid on so many problems, though the places that I had trouble (DYNOS!!!) were glaringly obvious.  Back to the training wall this week with a focus on using the campus board...

I won a super sweet solar charger setup from Goal Zero- perfect for charging a phone/camera battery while backcountry backpacking!

Scott and I went to the Duluth Grill after to celebrate, and I indulged in a little post-climbing comp hot chocolate.  Probably a zillion calories, but WHO CARES! :)
While at the comp, I was able to squeeze in a little knitting during down time and raffle announcements.  The brim of the Hipster Beanie is about halfway done, and I'm loving the color so far!

I can't pull off mustard with my blond hair, but knitting it for someone who can means I get to spend at least a little time with the color. :)
I also finished knitting the Gobstopper Mitts yesterday (FINALLY), so after they're done drying I'll take some pictures and get an FO post up about them.
Today is lots of dance time, some yoga to stretch out tired and sore muscles, and perhaps a little more knitting to end out the week.  I'm aiming to keep this motivated streak going, and I feel like I'm starting off February on the right foot. :)

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